Power Process


360 degrees of knowledge purpose built to create thunder

Audience Building

Create audiences or personas for truer targeting. Did you know we can build an audience that is not only interested in your business but can create virality? Audiences are an important piece of the puzzle you cannot ignore.

Market Analysis

Define your vertical so you know where growth lives. If you haven’t completed a TAM analysis, know your competitive landscape or if you don’t have an intimate knowledge of size, volume or value of your market, we’re here to help.

Data Mining

Seek and discover hidden opportunity for your SMB with Big Data processes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the same way big business does. You have data, we know how to leverage it.


Group leads to optimize funnels. Did you know segmentation helps you focus and zoom in to groups of audiences so you understand preference, method and channel? It brings you closer to one-to-one targeting because there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Business Intelligence

Explore purpose built models. Business Intelligence Models were developed as a way for big companies to see and understand trends in their business. Uncover meaningful and actionable insights for your SMB.


How, why and when, are the questions we answer when targeting. Perception becomes reality and when perception is on-point, reality equates to revenue. We control engagement to control reality through every channel that makes sense.